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Our Iron Power technology heats up your process with 100% sustainable energy.

Iron Power is a clean, dense and safe renewable energy carrier technology based on the circular process of combustion and regeneration of iron powder.
On your demand, the iron powder is combusted, releasing renewable energy in the form of high temperature heat.

Without carbon emissions!

We collect the combustion product, iron oxide powder, and regenerate it back to iron powder via a reduction step with sustainable energy.

Et voila, 100% sustainable process heat, everywhere and anytime!

Iron Plus is a joint venture between EMGroup, Pometon, and Metalot.
Together they pack a punch with decades of professional experience in industrial process equipment, powder metallurgy, and innovative technologies.

Video: Iron Power
Video: Iron Powder
Video: From iron oxide to iron
Video: From iron oxide to iron

Iron Plus stands for sustainable energy

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We can also recommend this vision document about the technology.